Why I enjoy Skam so much:


(and why it's such an inspiring show)

What is Skam?

        Skam is a Norwegian teen series that is has become widely popular in other countries. The series contains 4 seasons altogether, each having a different plot. Although the t.v. series in strictly in Norwegian, many have translated it into languages such as English and Spanish. Every season a new character is introduced; such as a friend of the past season, or maybe a fellow cast member who wasn't as important until now. The particular season bring awareness to things such as child pornography, homophobia, mental illnesses, and being muslim (minor islamophobia). 

Why is it imporant?

        Skam is important because it relates to the many teenagers going through tough situations. Isak, a teenage boy and protagonist in season 3, falls for a boy, named Even, who is not out of the closet as pansexual yet. He has some complications such as having a girlfriend and the fear of being unwanted by anybody other than a female. Once the two are in a semi-relationship, Even becomes almost paranoid, thinking he will mess the connection between Isak and himself up, confessing that he has bipolar disorder. Isak's responsibility is to convince Even that it isn't out of the ordinary to have a mental illness, and it is not caused by his sexuality. Isak is strong because he is not only taking care of his boyfriend, but maintains to take care of himself through his journey to happiness. This is one of the many examples of being a teenager and the conflicts that come with it.

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        To be honest, the show is so addicting; one episode and I was already hooked! Through the season, the good moments and the bad, my eyes are glued to my laptop screen. I agree, reading subtitles might be tedious, but throughout the season, you forget about it. Another cool thing about Skam is that the characters have their own instagram's. That means that they post as if the shows airing is their present time. So, not only can you connect with a character during the show, but you can follow up on their outside life: in character or not.

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Where can I find it?

        Unfortunately, since Skam is based in Norway, you can't get the episodes on a certain channel. However, the final season is in shorter clips from the episodes on youtube channel @Feudly. The other seasons I used a link in instagram user @evakfans. The link in their bio leads to a tumblr account that posts clips from I believe past seasons as well. If not, the link below/in the sidebar gives the past seasons.

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