Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.


sylvian esso- coffee
julsy- any of his songs tbh
rhye- song for you
sufjan stevens- visions of gideon
agnes obel- stone
paramore- misguided ghosts
dana williams- fooling myself
the velvet underground- after hours
tüpla- any of their songs tbh
louie blair- la douleur exquise 
correatown- this is the time (cover)
tom odell- long way down
ray lamontagne- without words
harry styles- meet me in the hallway
daughter- smother
phoebe bridgers- smoke signals
seoul- i negate
radiohead- video tapes
sleeping at last- private eyes
highasakite- god don't leave me (kinda calm)
patrick watson- je laisserai des mots
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